Goodness greenness continued

April 20, 2007

Apologies upfront: apparently I’ve been absent for 17 days. If this blog were an infant, or possibly a fish, it’d be dead. (Fortunately, it’s not an infant.)

Anyway, when I last left you I was going to tell you all the ways I was going to reduce my consumption, etc. etc. I know some of you were probably waiting with bated breath. So … here goes. My “Green” New Year’s resolutions, if you will.

1. ACTUALLY take the reusable bags with me to the grocery store. I have several appropriate, roomy ones. I know it’s something I should do, but I always wind up either a) running out of the door without them or b) going to the grocery store on my way home from somewhere else, unplanned, and am stuck with the plastic bags (or paper if I’m at Whole Paycheck or TJs). The pantry is rapidly becoming overrun with plastic bags which, aside from using as the bathroom trashcan, or as a lunch bag, I haven’t found meaningful uses for. So as of today, my goal is to bring no more plastic grocery bags into my house. As for those which I already have

2. Speaking of WP,  I’ve been a big fan of their bulk bins for a long long time. I like that I can get a little bit of something if I need it, or a lot of something for cheap, without a lot of packaging. But of course there’s the plastic bags you use there. I’m wondering if you’re allowed to take your own container. I’ll give them a ring and ask if that’s possible. Otherwise, I’ll just reuse bags that I take with me (great, another thing to remember to take with me to the grocery store).

3. Reincarnation … I’ve started being conscious about how I can use things more than once before throwing them away. I already wash and reuse jars and the number 5 and 6 plastic containers (the ones that don’t get recycled). But there are other things I just chuck into the recycling bin. My personal goal is to find at least two more incarnations of things before they get recycled and three or four before they get 86ed. In other words … use the back of papers before recycling, use egg cartons as plantars, use paper grocery bags to wrap things or line drawers and shelves, etc. etc.

4. The whole food throwing away thing REALLY gets to me. I’m going to start toting containers with me to events where I know there’s food, and take leftovers home with me. I’m also thinking about getting involved with Food Not Bombs, which reclaims food to feed to the hungry. The one thing that both fascinates and scares me, but which I want to explore further is Dumpster (TM) diving. Apparently there are ripe pickings to be had behind grocery stores, bakeries and the like. You just need to be willing to get dirty and not get caught.

5. The hardest one to convince others of, but the easiest one for me … I’m going to stop buying and getting gifts. I really HATE the gift-buying thing.  Nothing ever seems right, it becomes just a matter of either a) trying to prove something by spending as much money as possible or b) trying to spend as little money as possible and feeling like a heel because you’re “supposed” to spend a lot on people you like. This year for Christmas I’ll start early and make stuff for people. I’m also planning on giving people a “wishlist” of organizations for them to donate to if for some reason they REALLY want to spend money on me.

Oh gentle readers … come up with YOUR idea for being greener. Invisible toaster oven to the best ones.



  1. Lessee…CFLs in every light socket in my apartment. Also, I rarely ever drive my car. And I buy produce at the farmer’s market.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Antagonistically!!!

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